Cheers, Kimberly Nguyen-Don

Welcome to CX happy hour! Can I get you a drink?

Our fave first question, what is your design superpower?

What was your pathway into design and to the role you have today?

What is the most important lesson you have learnt as a designer?

What motivates you to keep doing what you do every day?

What do you do to inspire creative thinking or get ‘un-stuck’?

What are you most proud of as a designer?

What are you aspiring to in the future?

What do you do to disconnect and unwind?

How do you make ‘flexible work’ work for you?

How do you get into the flow of work?

What are your go to design tools?

Any recommendations for our reading, viewing, listening lists?

If you’ve enjoyed our chat with Kim as much as we have, you can continue the conversation in the comments section or connect online!

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Conversations with Designers.

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CX happy hour

CX happy hour

Conversations with Designers.

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